The Park

Nature lovers will be delighted by the park, which has always been a small ecological reserve. Free of any pesticide, chemical fertilizer or treatment of any kind, the property has been “resting” since the Second World War and for a long time to come. Come and recharge your batteries in the middle of its multi-hundred-year-old trees (Sequoia, Balsam fir, Carolingian poplar, Japanese yew, Lebanese cedar, Italian poplar, Lime tree, Maritime pine and Laricio pine, Spruce, Red and sessile oaks, Ash, Chestnut, …) and its idyllic bower. Live to the rhythm of the seasons and enjoy the incredible plants that have always accompanied us (bamboos, giant thistles, roses, dogwoods, among others). Enjoy the spa or the swimming pool and relax on the chestnut terrace or wherever you want in the park.

Come and get drunk on the scent of the lime trees (in season) accompanied or not by our dogs (loving and happy walking companions).

Admire the totem, wanted by the owners, nature lovers, who have not forgotten their Canadian roots and which incorporates the 10 emblematic animals of the property: falcon, deer, wild boar, badger, weasel, squirrel, pipistrelle, grass snake, tree frog, crow.

Finally, admire our classic cars, which vary according to the mood of the owners. Depending on the season, you will see Facel-Vega, Plymouth Barracuda, Maserati Mistral, Mercédès Pagode, Jaguar of all kinds, and many others.

“Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed” (Lavoisier)