The breakfasts

Unless agreed in advance, breakfasts are organized as a buffet from 8 am to 10 am. Breakfasts are a festive moment. We want to delight you.

You will take your breakfast at the common table in the kitchen/dining room of 75 m². But what a table! Cut from a 4-meter log of a 55-meter-high Carolin poplar, which also fell during the 1999 storm, it is large enough to guarantee you privacy for two or conviviality in a group or several.

Our bulk coffees come from the best arabicas in the world and are ground on demand in our Jura machine. Our teas are organic and supplied in bulk.

Our water is filtered in our Aqua-Ovo egg, a Quebec invention that ensures unsurpassed water quality, eliminating 99.9% of metals and impurities and the need for plastic bottles.

Our baker is exclusively organic, he uses old French wheat ground in Gironde. It is located 2 minutes from the castle.

Our fruits and dairy products are provided by our greengrocer which is located 4 km from us. Organic cheeses come from farms in the Pyrenees or Gironde.

Our jams are made by an Esat de Mérignac which has banned all treatments as well as individual packaging.

Our honeys come from Cestas, Gironde.